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Pet Obesity - A Cause For Concern

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As people continue to eat it seems they are dragging their pets along for the ride. Obesity is no longer just a problem for people as more and more cats and dogs are stuffing their faces and piling on the kilos too! This has been scientifically corroborated too with the American National Academy of Science showing that one in four pets are overweight or obese. So if you have a fat pet, what is there to know?

Obese dog

How to tell if your pet is overweight?

It would be nice to just be able to pop your pet on the scale and go from there. However, there is a lot of variation from pet to pet so getting a reading from a scale is not enough, although needless to say if the scales say that your pet weighs more than a hippo then you can safely say it is obese. In gauging if your pet is overweight, your eyes are your best friend because a simple glance should tell you all you need to know.

There is a sight analysis body condition scale that can help you deduce if your pet is a fatty or not. The score system ranges from 5 or 9 point scales, with the middle of the score system usually being ideal. The scale takes into account such things as the pets build the amount of fat on its ribs and waist, its breed, sex, age, and lifestyle. Again if your pet looks like a beach ball then you can probably dispense with the scale and just confirm that it is obese.

When testing the ribs you should be able to feel them easily without having to press down but they should not be visible through the pet’s coat. Looking at your dog’s torso, as an example, from above at an ideal weight should reveal an hourglass shape. However, while these visual checks can aid in you deciding if your dog is overweight, ultimately it will be a vet that can confirm either way.

Obese cat

Health for overweight dogs and cats

The unfortunate truth is the only reason a pet will become obese is if the owner overfeeds it, so all the blame lies with the owner. Dog and cat owners need to realize that their fat pet is not a healthy pet and that they are risking its health and wellbeing by allowing it to be fat. Much like overweight humans, fatty pets are prone to such inflictions as joint pain, hip pain, heart troubles, and commonly diabetes. It is up to the owner to keep a pet healthy and to check how much it eats, while giving it regular exercise helps keeps those extra kilos off.

However, again like humans, it is much harder for a pet to lose weight once they have it, so prevention is a much better anti-obesity tool. If you prevent your pet eating too much then you will never have the problem of an overweight pet.

If your pet has a bloated stomach it may not be obesity at all and your beloved pooch could just be suffering from worms. Milbemax for dogs and Milbemax for cats are perfect for preventing worms of all kinds while it is easily administered and acts quickly to protect your pet.

Written by Darren Robinson

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