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Manchester Terrier Dog Breed

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Manchester Terrier Dog Breed

Dog class - Terrier
Average height - 38 to 43cm
Average weight - 6 to 11kg
Size - Small
Coat - Smooth, dense and short
Average life span - 12 to 16 years

Manchester Terrier Description

The Manchester Terrier is a hardy and lively dog who can live in the city if exercised. They can be reserved with strangers and scrappy with other animals. The Standard Manchester Terrier has a hard black coat and can have tan markings above his eyes, cheeks, throat, legs/feet and under the tail. The Manchester Terrier is the "House Dog of the 21st Century", being highly suited to all kinds of life styles, from the very active to the not so active lounge lizard family. Manchester's are a short coated terrier with an allergy free coat requiring very little attention other than the occasional bath. A Manchester is just happy to be with you, whatever you happen to be doing from gardening to jogging or just watching TV. Manchester's are a very keen alert and sporting breed of dog who display a discerning and devoted temperament to their human family. They are relatively small in size.

Manchester Terrier History

The Terrier is a very British type of dog. As early as 129 AD
Linacus was writing about these little animals which so enthusiastically went to ground. Vermin have long been the bane of mankind whether indoors or outdoors and the Manchester Terrier was used as an excellent rodent exterminator. They were so effective at killing rats that they were used in rat pits in the 18 and 19th century. It has been recorded that one Manchester was able to dispose of 100 rats in 5 minutes. The modern day Manchester Terrier traces it's ancestry back to the old Black and Tan which along with the English White Terrier are the two original terrier breeds, from which most other terriers are descended from. Manchester Terriers where also used in the creation of the Doberman, Australian Cattle Dog and the German Hunting Terrier. Today they are exclusively a house pet.

Manchester Terrier Traits

Manchester Terrier 's enjoy walks outside and even swimming. In structure the Manchester presents as a sleek, sturdy yet elegant dog, and has a wedge-shaped, long and clean head with a clean bright and alert expression. The smooth, compact, muscular body expresses great power and agility, enabling the Manchester to kill vermin

Manchester Terrier Good Aspects

The Manchester Terrier has a short coat requires little grooming. They are generally clean, fastidious, odour free and sometimes clean themselves like cats, which makes Manchester Terriers good for people who are susceptible to dog allergies. The Manchester Terrier is neither aggressive nor shy. He is keenly observant, devoted but discerning. Not being a sparring breed, the Manchester is generally friendly with other dogs. Ideally suited for Town House living, easily at home in or outside the house. They are an excellent watchdog, and have an exceptional ability to learn and obey commands.

Manchester Terrier Health

Manchester Terriers  have no known health problems, specific to the breed in Australia however they do suffer from normal dog health problems and must be regularly wormed and vaccinated. Be careful, though, to screen for von Willebrand's Disease and Legges-Calves-Perthes.

Manchester Terrier Summary

Short coat allows the Manchester Terrier to get cold very easily. Because of this, they do not make good outdoor dogs. If left alone or unattended, they can become incessant barkers. In addition, they are not especially good with children.

A Manchester Terrier needs PERSISTENT training.

Edited by Darren Robinson

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