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Which Dog Breed Are You?

Which Dog Breed Are You?

If you were a dog which breed would you be?
Take our quiz and find out!

Ready? Start Barking!!

How Tall Are You?
Less than 160cm
160cm - 180cm
Taller than 180cm
Taller than 190cm
Which of the following best describes your physical strength?
Recovering from flu
Average Joe
Gym Junkie
How often do you enjoy physical activities or exercise?
Almost never
Once a week
Two or three times a week
At least 5 times a week
Your close friend does something embarrasing in public, do you...
Never speak to them again
Walk away with your head down
Pat them on the back
Do the same thing but louder
A stranger knocks you. How do you respond?
Apologize for getting in their way
Ignore it and carry on walking
Tell them to "watch out!"
Knock them out without saying a word
It's Christmas Eve and you...
Are wrapped up warm in bed
Are watching Christmas movies
Can't sleep
Are bouncing up and down on the bed
Someone overtakes you on the highway. Do you...
Carry on as you were
Speed up slightly
Speed up and stick right behind them
Foot to the floor and take back what's rightfully yours
A close friend starts teasing you about a hot date you went on recently. Do you...
Leave the room
Turn up the volume on the TV
Play along till you get bored
Get excited and talk uncontrollably.
Whilst walking home, you spot a friend you haven't seen for a while heading your way. Do you...
Duck down an ally and hope they didn't see you.
Give them a nod as you walk past
Stop for a fist bump and a quick chat
Run to them screaming and give them a big hug and a kiss on each cheek.
In School you were...
Head Boy/Girl
Top of the class
Drifting through

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