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African Lion Hound Dog Breed

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African Lion Hound Dog BreedLove My Pet Breed Trait

Dog class - Hound
Average height - 58 to 70cm
Average weight - 30 to 35kg
Size - Large
Average life span - 10 to 12 years

African Lion Hound Description

The African Lion Hound stands approximately 68cm tall, and weighs between 30 to 35 kilos. These dogs are large in size, with a smooth coat that is usually wheaten or dark-wheaten in colour. Their ears hang down, and they have amber or dark brown eyes and a brown or black nose. Their teeth meet in a level bite

African Lion Hound History

The African Lion Hound was developed in Rhodesia, South Africa, as a bird and game hunter. It was bred from sight hounds also bearing the distinct ridge down the backbone prior to 1505. Most notably, this breed hunted lions, corner them with their speed and agility and keeping the lion at bay until the huntsperson arrived.

African Lion Hound Traits

These dogs require hard daily exercise, but aggressive games like wrestling or tug-of-war are not recommended. Some experts suggest a daily romp in the back yard or park and a couple of longer trips to the park per week. The rule of them with this breed is "the more exercise, the better."

African Lion Hound Good Aspects

The African Lion Hound is a perfect dog for the country or the suburbs. These dogs are reserved, extremely intelligent, strong and protective. They make splendid, capable companions for experienced dog owners and have a reputation for being clean, quiet and obedient. They have keen eyesight and a good sense of smell. In addition, this breed makes a superior watchdog.

African Lion Hound Health

The major health concerns for the African Lion Hound are hip dysplasia and serious cyst problems, such as dermoid sinus. In addition, be on the look out for ridgelessness, not a "medical problem" but a genetic defect in this breed.

Things To Be Aware Of With African Lion Hound

These dogs are the most aggressive of the hounds, and require hard daily exercise if they live in the city. They can be aggressive with strangers and with other dogs. They can also become hard-headed and rambunctious if not given enough exercise and supervision. Overall, these dogs tend to be aloof, independent, and difficult to train.

These dogs are also known as the Rhodesian Ridgeback!

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