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Keep Your Pet Warm This Winter

New stock of Homark Warm A Pet Heat Pads now available. Beautifully covered with a Sherpa cover, warm, comfortable and safe! Disposable covers available for easy hygienic care.

Organic Pet Products

Vetalogica Organic Products available at our famous Love My Pet prices. These are products for your cat or dog that are labeled Organic. One step more than sulphate free and soap free products.

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Any dog lover will tell you that their canine friend is part of the family. But one photographer took this quite literally with a series of photos of dogs looking like their owners? Check out these amazing photographs by Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani. Read more...

Dogs dressed as their owners?

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At Love My Pet all our pet medication brands give you the best chance of ensuring your beloved pet remains in excellent shape. From dog fleas to heartworm we can help look after your pet with cheap vet supplies that won't blow your budget. Shop online at Love My Pet to see our range of vet products for dogs and cats - all available at the lowest prices in Australia. From vet medications to dog accessories, we’ve got everything you need to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Permanently Discounted Vet Products

Advantix for Dogs Frontline Plus for Dogs Advocate for Dogs Comfortis Flea Control
starts at $35.70
Frontline Plus
from crazy $36.20
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value plus $57.00

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We have an extensive range of vet products in stock so you're sure to always find what you're looking for at the best prices. We are one of the top online pet stores in Australia with over 1 million products sold, providing pet health products to dog and cat owners since 1997.

At Love My Pet, we stock all the top veterinary products such as Drontal, Advantage, Frontline Plus and Advocate. We carry the full range of non-registered pet medication such as Advocate for dogs, Advantix, Revolution for dogs and cats, and Frontline plus for dogs and Frontline for cats. With a top range of cat and dog products online, take advantage of some great savings today!

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