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We Love Your Pet Too Here at Love My Pet we believe that your pet deserves the best without having to break the bank, that's why we offer some of the lowest prices for common vet products in Australia. Our prices on flea and tick treatments are heavily discounted, we offer top brand worming products for a fraction of the cost you would pay at your local vet's or pet stores such as Pet Barn. How are we able to do this? Simple, we negotiate the best possible price and pass any savings made directly to you. Our turnover is massive, therefore our buying power for top line pet medications, (flea, tick, wormers and more), is second to none. And you can be confident when buying 12 or 18 pack deals as our expiry dates are two years plus.

Did you know?
Love My Pet is Australia's OLDEST online pet store. We've been around since 1997 and some of our customers have been with us since then too! Many other sites have come and gone over the years, throughout that time we have maintained our core philosophy, offering the leading brands such as Advocate and Frontline Plus and the best possible price... keeping the cost of pet care as low as possible and as affordable as possible so that all pets can have the best possible life.

We offer the cheapest price on pet medications and pet products in Australia, backed by our Price Match PLUS policy.

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